Singapore <-> JB Rapid Transit System (RTS) by 2024!

Jul 07, 2017

A cross-border Rapid Transit System (RTS) which will connect Singapore and Johor Baru in Malaysia will begin passenger service by the end of December 2024, ministers from the two countries announced on 31 Jul 2017. Read more hereDoes it mea..

Car Wash in JB

Jul 07, 2017

In Singapore, a typical manual car wash (by hand) at the petrol stations will cost us about S$10. This usually consist of just snow washing the exterior of your car. If you want Interior Vacuum or Rim/Tires Shine, they will come at additional costs (..

Three Quarter Tank Rule (and other fines)

Jul 07, 2017

The 3/4 tank rule states that if you are leaving Singapore in a Singapore-Registered Motor Vehicle, your fuel tank has to be at least 3/4 full. If you are caught with lesser than 3/4 tank during  departure from Singapore, you will be fined ..

Launch of

Jun 06, 2017

Dear friends,Today mark the 1st day of launch for our site!We hope this website can benefit many of us who travel in to Malaysia to get the best value for our hard earned money. As of now, the main purpose of this site is to compare pric..

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